Forex Brilliance Review – Does This Automated Online Forex Trading System Really Work?

Does the new automated online Forex trading system really work? There are more and more people starting to talk about it, from the novices to the most experienced of traders. It has certainly drawn a lot of attention to it, especially after the owners first released a Trend Dashboard indicator that was available for free and made a lot of people money as well.

All in all, FX Brilliance is a combination of 4 different trading robots that each work very differently. They trade 4 different currency pairs, which are the GBP/USD, EUR/USD, USD/JPY and also the USD/CHF.

1. Can The Forex Brilliance Software Work Profitably in the Long Run?

Most trading software work on the basis of using an equal pip take profit and stop loss level because this will mean that the software only needs to make more than 50% winning trades to be profitable. However, FX Brilliance is capable of achieving more than 80% winning trades, therefore its stop loss of 50 pips and take profit of 30 pips still means that the robot is capable of generating long term profits as can be seen from its past 6 year trading statement.

2. How Exactly Does the Forex Brilliance Software Work to Make Money for you Automatically?

One of its most powerful tools is actually the trending indicator. It automates the use of the indicator and also combines the power of this indicator with sound money management rules to profit automatically. By using 4 different types of analysis technology, the robot is able to identify short term price trends very accurately through the analysis of different time frames and currency pairs. So far, this indicator is one of the more accurate and timely indicators that I am continuing to make use of.

3. My Experience with Using the Forex Brilliance Automated Trading Software

This tool helps me to trade with much more confidence as compared to before when I had to continually worry about my trades and had to get my negative emotions involved.

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