Free Forex Expert Advisor – This Robot is Easy to Use and Has Made Millions!

Do you want a Free Forex Expert Advisor which is easy to understand, easy to use and has made millions in real time trading? If you do this system is for you and everything you need to know about it is enclosed.

You get a lot of Forex Expert Advisors or EA’s sold online but this one will beat them all and the proof is in the performance. The problem with all the cheap heavily promoted ones is they have never been traded, they just simulate track records in hindsight on paper, knowing the closing data and that’s not hard.

The Expert Advisor which is enclosed comes from a trading legend and has been making real money in the market since the late seventies and will continue to do so. Before we look at why, lets take a look at the single rule this system is based on and its this:

Buy a breakout in a currency to a new 4 week chart high – Hold the trade and wait for a new 4 week low to be made – Take out the long and initiate a short Positon. You then need to reverse the position as new 4 week highs or lows are exceeded.

The rule above is the single rule the system is based on and its name reflects this – its called The 4 Week Rule. It’s so simple, that many traders think it can’t make profits but it does and will always do so.

Will most traders use the above system? NO!

Of course not and the reason is – that they believe that they can trade with no drawdown and 95% accuracy which is the message sold by the new wave of cheap software packages, shame they don’t make money! If you want to make money, you need to trade long term with discipline and while the above system has periods of drawdown – long term it makes stunning gains.

Many professional traders use this system and even legends such as Richard Dennis were fans of it, so if you trade it you will be in very good company! Test it for yourself it’s a free Forex Expert Advisor which Richard Donchian left for us all to use and enjoy – check it out.

Source by Kelly Price

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