What is the World Gold Council?

The World Gold Council is an association of the world’s most prominent gold producers who are highly dedicated and determined in the endorsement of gold.

The World Gold Council is however a non-profit alliance affiliated with the world’s chief gold process that has been created to promote the popularity and use of gold. It has its headquarters in Geneva where the Council was formed by a network of offices that are basically representatives of the major centres that meet up with the demand of gold all across the globe. Moreover, it has promotional activities that cover the markets demonstrating around three quarter of the world’s yearly expenditure of gold.

The nature of the World Gold Council’s work is very much closely related in partnership with the local gold trade and gold industry. It happens to vary as per the diverse requirements and stages of developments and progression that the countries might be undergoing. Also, this has close relevance to the forms of gold that are consumed like jewellery, bars, coins, dentistry in what ever structure gold is largely sold or consumed.

Furthermore, the Council’s programme and the talented team of staff assist in modifying gold products and supervising its distribution process. It provides with expert and professional bullion information and the economic services to bulky proprietors of gold. The foremost focus and concern over the past few years has been on smoothing the progress of the elimination of structural hindrances to the free surge of gold and hence, it is quite supportive in its well-known attainment and maintenance.

The World Gold Council manages regional and global market research studies and broadcasts information on expansion in gold stipulation and other ignot related issues. The mission of World Gold Council is to motivate and maintain the demand for bullion and also establish the endurance value for the gold stakeholders.

The World Gold Council is supported by the funds of world’s chief gold mining companies. It has a website (http://www.gold.org) that can be accessed by all interested in ignot and the gold market.

For around 40 years or more, the World Gold Council has printed the peer reviewed scientific journal that we acknowledge as Gold Bulletin. It is the only journal that focuses on science, technology and industrial applications for bullion to enhance its growth. It is an investment research based programme that provides nationwide and international investors with chief information regarding bullion. This is inclusive of the printing of extensive variety of research papers. These papers are acknowledged by academics and in-house experts that are experts in gold’s investment features, bullion as a store of value, inflation and currency hedge. These also focus on the richness of information that is based on the structure of the market, the demand and the supply flow and the frequent updating of gold statistics in the market.

To sum up, the World Gold Council is an international and non-profitable association that has its headquarters based in Geneva, London. It has its regional offices in India, China, Japan, Middle East, Turkey and North America.

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