Why Do We Need Gold?

Gold was considered the metal of gods, of king, the precious metal always regarded as a reward. The question is, can we live without it?

First of all, the gold included in jewelry is an example of beauty, samples of real masterpieces. What society can live without art?

Probably on the same level as importance, gold is regarded as good investment. Analyzing its history, gold has always received the first price for its evolution. No matter if it was about gold bullion, coins, gold exchange-traded funds, certificates, derivatives, such as gold forwards, futures and options, shares of mining companies, all these bring a lot of money. Gold is necessary on the market as it maintains a certain level of taxes, especially in the European Union. How many times hasn’t gold saved people’s life, and in how many ways. It has been used as an award, it saved people from bankruptcy, bringing back to life both the person and his honor and the list of examples might continue.

Talking about people’s lives, gold is needed in order to cure different diseases. Gold has curative powers in case of serious diseases like arthritis or even a certain type of cancer. So, the same metal that can save man from the outside, is so useful to be introduced inside human’s body as well.

Since the human body and its health are as at stake, let’s not forget how useful gold is in the field of dentistry. Dental gold crowns are so reliable that people prefer to invest in something more expansive than come to the dentist once a month or so.

Gold opened the door towards outer space for human beings. It proved to be the only reliable metal which does not ask for any repairs in an environment where people haven’t managed to get accustomed to. Being compared to the Sun, gold protects man against solar radiations. Gold is the one which pushed man upwards in technology. Any electronic devices contain a small amount of gold which improved the function of the items.

Civilization and development mean gold. If you want to be one step forward every time, a certain amount of gold is always useful.

Source by Jack Wogan

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